Project Updates

The Project

The project will be broken down into 4 steps over the next 12 months:

Consultant Team:  ZoneCo and MSA Professional Services, Inc. 

Past Steps/Meetings

Staff Kick-off Meeting - December 15, 2022 

The Project Team, working with the City of Greenfield officials, analyzed the existing code, propose changes to the zoning, and solicit input on these changes to ensure they align with the goals of the City and community - Preliminary Analysis Winter/Spring 2023

One-on-one interviews with stakeholders - February and March 2023 

Staff discussion Diagnostic Report - April 2023

Staff discussion District Calibration - April 2023

May 9, 2023 Plan Commission Update  -  6PM  - Executive Summary of Diagnostic Report 

Plan Commission Work Session - Use Terms / Definitions - August 8, 2023 

Plan Commission Work Session - Use Terms / Definitions and Zoning Districts  September 12  & October 16, 2023 

Code Drafting - Summer/Fall/Winter 2023

The Consultant Team is currently working with City Staff and the Plan Commission to draft the new ordinance. Upon completion of the Draft Zoning Code, the project will enter formal public review process, to include a public hearings and other opportunities to provide additional feedback prior to adoption.

Upcoming Meetings 

Public Forum early 2024 - The Project Team will take input from the public and planning staff and draft a complete revision to the Greenfield Zoning Ordinance. This is an iterative and collaborative process working closely with all project stakeholders.